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Storm Katie hits Chale at 105mph!

We experienced Storm Katie's full force over the Easter weekend but we're still here standing!

Unfortunately our lovely new Chicken coop was obliterated across the walled garden area, literally being smashed into pieces, from this...

Chicken Coop

..to this!

Chicken Coop - Storm Katie

Still this has not put us off creating our organic garden using permaculture practices.
We have started a Volunteer Programme to assist us in creating the vegetable garden and looking forward to meeting new people who are
as enthusiastic about sustainable living as much as we are. Please do contact us if you would also like to be involved.
We offer free accommodation and food, and you will also get the opportunity to explore this incredible island.

Thankfully the chickens hadn't moved into the new coop!



Charge up or Hire a Twizy through us!

Hire a Twizy logo

We are very proud to have teamed up with 'Hire a Twizy' - Isle of Wight'. A fun way to experience the island without damaging our precious environment here on the island.

We will be offering exciting packages to make your stay even more enjoyable. Why not team up your stay with us with a paragliding flight and a Twizy hire?
More fun than you can ever imagine!

It takes about 3 hours to fully charge a Twizy so why not book in for a flight while you wait (weather permitting, advance bookings only in peak season)?
Or you can pick up your Twizy directly from us.

Contact us now for details.

01983 731 611

Drivers are required to hold a valid driving licence, Twizy insurance and over 21yrs

Twizy electric cars



Butterfly Paragliding and Accommodation on C4 Four in a Bed

We were also featured on Channel 4's 'Four in a Bed' programme - Episode 18, Series 2


Outdoor Activities

It's all about having fun here at Sunacre on the Isle of Wight! Easter weekend started really well on Good Friday with beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine.
Guests arriving for their stay at the house and clients enjoying paragliding tandem flights with Dave.
In the evening our guests were treated to an outdoor firepit experience and we laughed our way through the evening swapping travel stories and enjoying some wine.

We think we may have convinced some guests to come back in the summer to assist with our volunteer programme, and what a way for them to see what the island has to offer!
If the weather's good, we may even get them up on a flight to see the island from a different perspective.

Nicola, Neha, Rachel - Firepit
Nicola & Neha in a Twizy car
Butterfly Paragliding
Butterfly Paragliding
Butterfly Paragliding



First time visits to the Island are at a ten year high!

New visitors (approx 80,000 of them) have mainly come from high demographic groups in and around London and the home counties.

At Butterfly Paragliding we think it's because Londoners, in particular, are searching for something different from a UK holiday and can also find some solace from the hustle and bustle of a busy city centre. Our location in the south of the island is perfect for some real peace and quiet, more guaranteed sunshine hours, and we have such little light pollution here you'll be amazed at how many more stars you can see in the night sky!

First Time Visitors to Isle of Wight graph

Source: www.visitwight.org



Godshill’s model Triceratops Dinosaur gains Global fame

Triceratops Dinosaur in road on the Isle of Wight


By now, most people on the Isle of Wight would have seen the fantastic Dino photo taken by Chris Hollingshead on Saturday morning of a giant Triceratops blocking the road in Godshill.

The photo whizzed around social media in no time at all, but it’s now gone further afield, to whizz around the globe.

As well as making the national newspapers, The Telegraph, Independent, Mirror, Daily Mail, Metro and the BBC, the story is now being featured Internationally with KSAT San Antonio;
KOKI FOX 23; Buzz Feed, Mashable, Huffington Post covering it.

It’s also being featured in a plethora of blogs around the world, as well as hitting Twitter’s Moments and other Tweets


Ideally call us the day before (and definitely before you set off) to check our flying weather forecast - then you can get super-excited if we're 'on'!

We refer to: http://www.xcweather.co.uk as a first approximation


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